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Danish Pig Academy

KJ Klimateknik - Future-proof stables & Air purification systems
High-quality housing and air cleaning solutions for pigs and dairy stable

KJ Klimateknik / Agrifarm is specialized in improving, developing, and installing high-quality housing and air cleaning solutions for pigs and dairy stables.

The company has over the years developed unique housing concepts and not least several innovative environmental technologies that have garnered more appreciative prices, such as Agromek Awards in 2009 and 2012 and the EU environmental award in 2012.

Agrifarm has its roots back to 2007 and is one of the leading innovators when it comes to energy- and environmentally friendly stable and air cleaning solutions for pig poultry and dairy farmers. March 2023 Agrifarm was taken over by KJ Klimateknik A/S.

KJ Klimateknik A/S
Bommen 2
8620 Kjellerup
Tel. +45 86 88 04 99

Agrifarm Concept

Agrifarm Concept is a hybrid ventilated stable for pigs- or milk production that provides great savings on emissions of gases to the atmosphere as well as significant energy savings for the farm.

The Agrifarm Concept focuses on energy saving, reduction of environmental impact, and the economy. The concept is built for large productions, which means that the pig stable is 30-60 meters in width, and the dairy farms are up to 75 meters.

The stable concept combines technology with natural ventilation. The stables are equipped with innovative ventilation principles, hybrid ventilation.

When building Agrifarm Concept stables, you get innovative safety solutions, which bring livestock production to a higher level, both productive and profit-making. With Agrifarm Concept you are both saving energy, reducing environmental impact, and increasing animal welfare.

The concept is well-documented by CFD, which is an advanced computer model.

Agri AirClean

Besides the Agrifarm Concept, we offer Agri AirClean, which is cleaning the air for ammonia. The Agri AirClean can be used in open stables, also cow stables. Low temperature does not prevent air cleaning.

The Agri AirClean is suitable for floor extraction and makes it possible to gather more animals on fewer production units.

An Agri AirClean solution helps you significantly reduce the emission of harmful gases and nutrient pollution. It is proven that the cleaning effect is between 91 % and 96 % for ammonia and 84 % for odor emissions.

The combination of the Agrifarm Concept and the Agri AirClean gives an amazingly low environmental impact. There is no knowledge of other environmental technologies that, achieve this high efficiency on a low-cost basis.


With AgriManure will the process around discharge of slurry from pits be fully automated. This will ensure savings in time and considerably better working environment.

When slurry is discharged from the pits once a week, methane production in the Biogas plant can be boosted with up to 80%. The Agri Manura system will be very suitable for these plants.

The fully automated Agri Manura system, is controlled and monitored online from any platform. All needed data is logged in the online system, which secures the documentation where legislation requires this. If the system gets a failure, the alarm will be shown in the online system and can be sent to SMS or email.

The Agri Manura system is easily installed and made of well proven products. This ensures easy installation and high operational uptime. The Agri Manuare system is based on a BUS-system and standard size slurry pipes.

Advantages of the AgriManure system are:

  • Automatic log
  • Improved working environment
  • Reduction of NH3, H2S etc. in the barn
  • App for control and monitoring
  • No wrongly placed lids
  • Reduced time usage