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Danish Pig Academy

Marketing & Export Network Meeting
Innovations in Pig Production and Research | June 9, 2023

Last week, Danish Pig Academy held a network meeting for its members. It was a remarkable event aiming to enhance our knowledge and learn about even better solutions in the world of pig production.

The program contained a series of short presentations highlighting ongoing research and development activities in pig production at Aarhus University:

  • Anders Peter S. Adamsen, focusing on environmental and climate technology in pig barn (Senior Researcher at the Department of Bio and Chemical Engineering).
  • Ole Fredslund Christensen, specializing in breeding and genetics (Senior Researcher at the center for Quantitative Genetics and Genomic Research).
  • Lene Juul Pedersen, discussing topics related to behavior, stress, and animal welfare (Professor and Section Leader for Behavior, Stress, and Animal Welfare at the Department of Animal Science).

  • Tina Skau Nielsen, providing insights into feed and minerals (Associate Professor at the Department of Animal and Veterinary Sciences).

  • Jan Værum Nørgaard, presenting on feed and climate-related aspects (Head of Nutrition Research / Associate Professor at the Department of Animal and Veterinary Sciences.

Thank you to all the participants for the great networking and special thank you to Claus Gunge E. Mortensen from Food & Bio Cluster and Eva Nautrup for organizing the event.