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Danish Pig Academy

Delegation from Colombia
April 18, 2018

Danish Pig Academy hosted another exciting event on Wednesday, 18th of April 2018. This time we were honored to welcome a high-level delegation from Colombia.

In the past 2-3 years the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration has had Strategical Sector Cooperation (SSC) with the Colombian health authorities (INVIMA), the veterinary authorities (ICA) and Porkcolombia branch organization. The focus of the SSC project and the authorities’ cooperation in Colombia is food safety in pig production, based on Colombian’s desire for better and healthier food products and increased export.

Visiting the Danish Pig Academy was part of their official program in Denmark which was arranged by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration/Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Among the guests were representatives from various high-level institutions such as Colombia National Food and Drug Surveillance Institute, Colombian Agricultural and Livestock Institute, Porkcolombia, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Danish Embassy in Colombia as well as Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.

We wanted to make their visit as productive as possible and have prepared presentations. We covered a lot of ground such as Danish pig genetics and selection, high productive farms and animal welfare for sows, ventilation and cooling, biogas systems, grain transportation and storage as well as farm management and climate installations in South America.

Thank you to all delegates for visiting us. We hope they had a pleasant stay here at Danish Pig Academy. We wish them all the best with their projects!