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Danish Pig Academy

GRAINIT - Farm Storage Management
Intelligent inventory management and documentation for farms and biogas plants

Grainit is a cloudbased farm storage management system, that is using data to keep track of inventories at farms - and give farm managers overview of storage facilities.

Grainit is:
Apps for iphone og android for registration of grains – done per load put into storage. The app handels quantity, origin and location, as well as moisture per load. Can handle quantity in kilos and units (as an example bales of straw). Also other functions.

Webportal with inventories and setup:
Setup could be:
Storage units: farms/sites, warehouses and bins
Fields: numbers, names, ha and crops
The webportal also handles purchases, sales, movements and status-registrations.

Grainit is build around an data-engine, that enables transfer of feed purchases from feedproducers to the storage management system throgh grainit - all kinds of data can be handled. One entry point for everything.
Also sale of grains and purchases of crops can be handled in the system

Trace origin of the crops
Grainit can track and trace origin of crops from where they were harvested to where they are put into storage

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