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Danish Pig Academy

Washpower - high-performance cleaning machines for the industrial segment
Focus on improving the working environment for our customers

AtWashpower we work determinedly on developing professional cleaning products. Our focus is on improving the working environment for our customers and minimizing the time spent cleaning.
We are a strong team of dedicated employees who, from our base in North Jutland, develop, supply and service cleaning machines for both the Danish and international markets.

Our products

The common denominator in all our products is that they are based on the customer’s day-to-day work. We work hard to develop strong, reliable cleaning machines that can improve the customer’s finances through increased flexibility and time saved on cleaning, so that employees are available to do other things and can enjoy better working conditions.
Washpower products are running in more than 25 countries and with launches of new products we are continuously entering new areas and markets worldwide.

Elmevej 8, Glyngøre
7870 Roslev
​​​​​​​Tel. (+45) 96 96 10 15