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Danish Pig Academy

Delegation from Mexico
February 5, 2018

The Ministry of Environment and Food in Denmark has officially signed a cooperation agreement with Mexico on pig production. On the occasion of this, Danish Pig Academy welcomed a delegation of the Mexican collaborators and pig producers.

Visiting the Danish Pig Academy was part of their official program while being in Denmark and it was our great pleasure to welcome them here. Some of the Danish Pig Academy members had prepared presentations, which generally received positive response from the Mexican delegation. Amongst the guests was Mr. Francisco Gurría Treviño, Vice Minister for the Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of Mexico, as well as Top Managers from various organizations within pig industry in Mexico.

On behalf of the Danish Pig Academy members, we would like to thank the arrangers for granting us the honor to host this event. We also wish to extend our gratitude to all delegates for visiting us. We hope our guests had a pleasant stay and wish them all the best luck with their projects.