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Danish Pig Academy

Danish Agriculture Association
Showroom in Qingdao, China

In cooperation with ACO Funki, Danish Agriculture Association established a new showroom in Qingdao city, where several well-known Danish brands are presented under one new name. In total, nine Danish companies have joined forces to meet the Chinese on their home field. These brands are ACO FUNKI, Agrifarm, DanBred, Danish Pig Academy, GreenMaq (also known as Klimadan), Munters, Skov, Washpower and Unitron.

The new showroom is full of professional solutions for modern pig production. It is a place where you can discover the best technology and knowhow from the leading Danish companies within pig production. The official opening ceremony took place on Friday, 20 September 2019.

During that day, we had the honor to welcome several local officials, such as Mr. Lu Hong (Qingdao agricultural and rural bureau), Mr. Zhou Wei (Director of the Qingdao animal husbandry and veterinary research institute) and Mr. Wang Jianjun (China Council for the Promotion of international Trade).

“The idea is to share experience and knowhow within the livestock business, to be able to improve the results,” – says Jonas M. Jensen, (previous) Managing Director of ACO FUNKI China, during his opening speech and continues: “The exhibition center here in Jimo is a good way to get contacts and information about environmental, sustainable, traceable and efficient

During the opening ceremony, specialists hosted professional seminars dedicated to current topics such as biosecurity, sustainable farming and pig genetics. Inspirational environment, intercultural business relations and professional services – it is all gathered in one place now, at Danish Agriculture Association. With the new facilities, we expect to contribute to the development of Chinese pig production in an even more sustainable and efficient direction.

Torben Olesen, Chairman of Danish Pig Academy, gave a short introduction into the concept: “Danish Pig Academy helps the pig producers with different products and services. We give you a direct access to the companies where you can talk to the experts of each area. Some of the Danish Pig Academy members are also represented at Danish Agriculture Association in Qingdao. We believe that Danish Agriculture Association will become a bridge between Denmark and China making it possible to exchange knowhow and services.”

Everybody is welcome to visit our showroom which is located at:
No 615, Huashan Second Road, Jimo District, Qingdao City, China.