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Danish Pig Academy

Vilofoss - Innovative solutions for animal feed
Our knowledge – your strength

Based on the need of the global farmer Vilofoss contributes to value-creating solutions through individual customised farm mixtures for the animal production.

Our goal at Vilofoss is to be your partner when it comes to innovative solution for animal feed. We offer vitamin- and mineral compounds and premixes, as well as a wide range of supplementary products, milk replacers for calves and pigs, veterinary products, welfare products, products for disinfection and other unique troubleshooters. We also have our Leading Products line, which is your guarantee as a farmer or distributor that you will get the same high-quality product.

Since 1930, Vilofoss has worked on special products for animals. In 2014 Vilofoss became a part of the Vilofoss Group, a global leader in the premix and nutrition sector.

Vilofoss is one of the world’s most productive, competitive, resource efficient and sustainable agricultural productions. Our knowledge and experience is obtained through work with nutrition for all animal groups in animal production for more than 80 years.

Vilofoss create value-adding solutions for the globally competitive farmer through customized farm mixes for the animal production. In addition to our vitamin- and mineral compounds we have a wide range of supplementary products, e.g. milk replacers, veterinary products, welfare products, products for disinfection and other unique trouble shooters.

In Vilofoss we focus on being trustworthy, value-creating and ambitious.

This means we strive to be our customer’s preferred business partner and advisor. We help our customers, employees and business associates to grow and develop by creating new value. We dare to be ambitious on behalf of the Group, our employees and, not least, our customers. Vilofoss wish to lead the way, and help our customers become market leaders in their field.