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Danish Pig Academy

Dalum Academy of Agricultural Business
Grow your skills at Dalum

For more than 40 years Dalum Academy of Agricultural Business has transferred knowledge and shared experience from Danish agriculture and professional farmers, all over the world.

A 360º approach to pig production as well as the value chain both up- and downstreams, combined with lecturers with hands-on experience, ensures solid program outcome – emphasizing that adaption into local conditions is essential.

Technical skills and knowledge are mixed with management and financial tools, to enhance the business understanding of pig production – from farm hand to politician!

Fully tailormade programs from a few hours to several months, at Dalum, in home country, on-farm, as small classes, as large-scale seminars, online – and all kinds of hybrids of these. For programs at Dalum, short term internship at Danish farms can be involved.

Content and curricula are also developed in close collaboration with you, inclusive relevant necessary screenings of participants.

Landbrugsvej 65
5260 Odense S