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Danish Pig Academy

Meeting with the Global Industry Team
April 5, 2019

We were honored to welcome the core Global Industry Team from the Danish Trade Council .

The Global Agriculture, Food, Foodtech & Agribusiness Team from the Danish Trade Council consists of approximately 60 sector experts who work at Danish Embassies, Consulates and Trade Missions located in 45 different countries, from China to Brazil.

Focus of the team is to support Danish companies operating within the Agriculture, Food, Foodtech and Agro business sectors to expand their international growth or to improve their competitive position on the export markets.

The core Global Industry Team consists of 19 regional sector experts and agricultural counsellors, and it was our pleasure to introduce them to our concept. We are ready to contribute with our knowledge and expertise and we believe that our collaboration will open new horizons for the international trade.

We would like to thank all delegates for visiting us. We hope they had a pleasant stay here at Danish Pig Academy.