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Danish Pig Academy

Landia - Slurry solutions for pig producers
Quality products with a long service life and low energy consumption within your industry

Landia was founded in 1933 and is today a modern, successful manufacturer of a comprehensive range of chopper pumps, propeller mixers and aerators, offering customised solutions and systems for difficult to handle liquids with high dry matter content, liquid biomass and other organic waste.

Landia is a leading supplier of high-end slurry solutions to pig producers all over the world.
Landia is in a constant ongoing development and we aim to be the best player on the market and deliver the best quality - all over the world.

Our customers are involved in agricultural slurry handling as well as in the conception and construction of biogas plants, municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, processing of by-products and waste from the food industry.

We support our customers through our subsidiaries and offices in the UK, Germany, Norway, the US and China – plus a worldwide network of professional distributors.

Industrivej 2
940 Lem
Tel. +45 97 34 12 44