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Danish Pig Academy

EUROPEAN PROTEIN - Fermented proteins for animals
Improve the health of your animals and your business

EUROPEAN PROTEIN produces lacto-fermented protein for piglets and sows that benefits both the health of the animals and the overall business of the pig producer.

The company uses solid-state fermentation - one of the most sustainable fermentation technologies – for plant protein production. The lactic acid fermentation reduces antinutritional factors (ANF’s) and makes protein more digestible while releasing minerals and adding vitamins. The result is a powerful combination of probiotics, prebiotics and most importantly postbiotics. Both the process and the products are protected by worldwide patents.

The fermented rapeseed and seaweed protein EP199 can be used in the sow feed to improve the sow’s health, productivity, and reproduction.

• 2-3 piglets more weaned per sow per year
• Improved feed conversion – 12% less feed per produced piglet
• 50-100 EUR more profit per sow per year

For piglets, the fermented rapeseed, EP100i, is used to support the development of a healthy gut ready to utilize nutrients and as support a zinc-free and AGP-free pig production.

• Weaning without growth promoters
• Increased weight gain
• Improved utilization of feed
• More uniform piglets

To support piglet growth, European Protein EP200 is a fermented soy protein containing 7% lactic acid. The piglet protein supports growth and a healthy piglet gut.

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Results with EP199 at Dortheasminde pig production

Jonas Juhl, 1.200 sows