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Danish Pig Academy

Cloudfarms Pig Production Management System
Join the Future of Pig Farming

The Cloudfarms Pig Production Management System is the first real cloud based multi-sited Pig Production Management System for large and efficient farms.

Our management system consists of:

  • Core Pig Management module: allows you to manage all the key functions on your farm and the basic reports
  • App for Android: is optimized to capture data from the activities you are doing inside the stables. The mobile is very user friendly so non-technical people easily can enter data. Data is validated instantly and warnings are displayed to the user if data could be wrong
  • Analysis and hierarchy reporting: You can in a easy way include those sites you would like to have consolidated into the same report
  • Dashboard: The custom dashboard function is an effective communicative presentation tool of your farm data with both graphs, gauges and tables which can be shown at monitor screens e.g. in the lunch room
  • Benchmarking: The benchmarking allows you to compare farms performance on all KPIs either between two farms or compare all farms in a holding
  • Forecasting and Budgetting: calculated on your latest result we give you a full forecasting and budgetting, so you know how to handle in the future

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83101 Bratislava


Cloudfarms' innovative cloud based it-system improves our efficiency significantly and gives the management a value-added, exact and verifiableplatform to manage and control our business."

Mads Kring, owner
Avlscenter Rønshauge A/S

Cloudfarms Smart Mobile have increased our ability to get an instant and precise picture of our production. We do no longer have to wait weeks and spend a lot of time and effort on entering and correcting data."

Peder Rom Nielsen, Chief Pig Production Manager,
Halychyna Zahid

Cloudfarms is the future within modern pig production management. Our high ambitions for increased productivity and usage of modern technology, Cloudfarms is the only available solution that fulfills our high requirements."

Mogens Hansen, CEO
Dan-Slovakia Agrar a.s.

Our people can now focus on managing the pigs, and not on data entry and data consolidation.
Cloudfarms is managing all of it for us."

Lars Christiansen, Production Director,
Idavang Lithuania