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Danish Pig Academy

AVS Agric – modular abattoir and meat processing
On-farm slaughter concept with a strong business and biosecurity profile

Optimal for:

  • Farmers extending their value chain.
  • Processing industry securing supply of high-quality meat.

A modular abattoir strengthens the value chain and the business case.

Slaughtering animals on-farm or next-to-farm increase biosecurity, meat quality and reduces mortality and damage coming from transporting live animals.

AVS Agric designs and manufactures fully equipped and compact production lines for slaughter, cold chain, and meat processing. Our solutions have a short lead time and are ready to use the day after arrival - you just add electricity and water.

The availability of packages with training, hand tools, safety equipment, ingredients, supervision, spare parts, maintenance- and after sales service will secure all needs covered.

Our standard solution processes 30 - 300 pigs/day.

Many options of adding modules. Easy to relocate or re-sell. A low-risk investment.

AVS Agric ApS
Sysselbjergvej 27
6051 Almind, Denmark