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Danish Pig Academy

Klimadan - Heat Recovery from Slurry
Heat pump technology

Klimadan A/S produces and installs customized, high quality “Heat Recovery from Slurry” Projects to pig farms, utilizing heat pump technology.

Klimadan has more than 35 years of experience in consulting, engineering, production and of slurry cooling projects, to reduce ammonia emission, and at the same time recover energy from stables for efficient and low cost heating of, for instance farrowing and weaner stables. Besides its own production, Klimadan is also exclusive reseller of Swedish-made heat pumps from Thermia.

Klimadan has a nationwide service network of its own technicians and installers, which provides security in daily operations, and ability to install abroad.

Klimadan provides solutions to business and agriculture.

Klimadan is a member of the heat pump system and refrigeration industry environmental scheme, Heat Pump Association (VPF) and KSO scheme and is ISO 9001 certified.

Rømersvej 30
7430 Ikast
Tel. +45 96 27 70 70