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Danish Pig Academy

IBF Sunds Alfa - Slats for an effective farming
Pig and cattle slats produced in Denmark

We are producing all kind of concrete slats used in animal housing and we are providing slats to farmers / companies throughout the world.

Our goals are:

  • To produce and supply high quality concrete slats that satisfy the customer and the project’s requirements, specifications and needs for long lasting terms.
  • To make our customer comfortable during the process of creating the optimal concrete floor solution due to wishes, needs and opportunities by taking our time, providing our advice and our experience into the creative process before purchase.
  • To reduce the numbers of animal injuries to hoofs, legs and udders to an absolute minimum.
  • To ensure our customers fully satisfaction to her/his slatted concrete floor - for years to come.

The quality of our products must as a minimum, satisfy the relevant standards and regulations. On behalf of this, all our slats are certified due to EN 12737 with the highest load class classification given to each animal group. We are as well, affiliated with the certification body DSK (Dansk Spaltegulvs Kontrol), which was established in collaboration with the Danish agricultural advisory organizations.

We only use sand and gravel that are certified as being Class A materials for an aggressive environment (DS411). This ensures stronger concrete quality and greater durability, and thus a longer lifetime for the slatted floor.

This is your guarantee that we meet the applicable Danish animal welfare regulations, European requirements regarding slatted concrete floor and concrete- technology requirements.

We are grinding every slat opening to provide better hoof comfort and we have a visual control of all slats before leaving the factory. Finally we try due to an ongoing innovate process to be a step ahead, ex by developing the DUO-slat.

On behalf of above, we are the market leader on the Scandinavian markets as well as we have increased our focus on export markets further away. - Even to yours place.

Drejervej 22
7451 Sunds
Tel. +45 96 29 27 00