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Danish Pig Academy

DanVit A/S - Customized feeding solutions for pigs
Feed solutions, quality products and consultancy services at world-class level

DanVit provides customized feeding solutions and counselling in the using our high-quality products.
We have many years of experience with feed optimization of high-quality minerals, concentrates and compound feed for pig producers.
The best profit by DanVit products
Based on our knowledge and experience our customer gets the best profit by our products with an eye to gain, better feed conversion ratio and lower medication costs. We assist with analyzing the consequences of changes in diets and compare to the expected benefits of various mixtures.

DanVit is specializing in milk replacer solutions and provides a turnkey milk solution, comprised of an automatic feeding system and high-quality milk replacer powder facilitates the feeding process.
We believe in providing our customers, and their piglets, with superior quality products.

The story of DanVit
DanVit was founded in 2010 and have head office in Denmark.
We have a subsidiary company in Serbia and in the light of that we can provide a close cooperation with the rest of Eastern Europe. By our customers we are known for a very trustworthy supplier of customized feed solutions for pig producers with high focus on customer satisfaction and high-quality for cost-competitive prices.

Borumvej 51
8381 Tilst
Tel. +45 7070 1540