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Danish Pig Academy

Bygholm Agricultural College - Courses and training
Pig production – tailor made courses and training at Bygholm Agricultural College

Based on your needs, Bygholm Agricultural College will design courses with access to the strong knowledge base of Danish pig production.

International courses

Bygholm Agricultural College has provided tailor made courses and training activities within pig production for international clients since 2004, including participants from Russia, Serbia, Thailand, Korea and China.

Content key words:

• Best practice management in each production unit
• Health, disease and biosecurity
• Reproduction and breeding
• Feed and feeding
• Farm design and technology
• Production economy
• Animal welfare
• Farm work training

Bygholm Agricultural College is one of the leading agricultural colleges in Demark and has educated Danish farmers in more than 60 years. It is the vision of the College to develop engaged, competent and visionary farmers and managers for the agricultural business, nationally as well as internationally.
For more information you are welcome to contact Anders H. Nielsen, International coordinator,, +45 3028 1799.

Hattingvej 49
8700 Horsens
Tel. +45 75 62 17 99