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Danish Pig Academy

Breeders of Denmark - Pig breeding
Your reliable partner for successful pig production

The company Breeders of Denmark is more than 20 years old and is one of the leading Danish companies in the pig breeding sector, with four daughter companies located in Germany, France, Poland, and Ukraine; and with many partnerships throughout the world.

We provide the best genetics from the best breeding company: Danish Pig Genetics P/S, and we offer high-performance breeding pigs for both slaughterpig producers and sow producers.

“At Breeders, our goal is to meet the ever-growing worldwide demand for efficient live breeding pigs.”
– Jan Lembke-Jensen, CEO

Based on 100 years of tradition, Danish Pig Genetics nowadays combines pig breeding with technology, making it a data-driven field of expertise, which provide superior results and higher returns on investments throughout the entire value-chain.

Breeders continuously enhances the genetic value of your herd, by:

  • providing the best and strongest pure-bred Durocs, Landraces & Yorkshires (Large White)for various partners worldwide
  • delivering the F1 (LY/YL)to slaughterpig producers who generate the highest quantities of –high quality– meat/sow/year
  • accompanying all our partners and customers with professional management consulting
  • ensuring the highest health status, thanks to our own trucks: SPF-approved with UVC-lights and filters

Lysbjergvej 6,1
6500 Vojens