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Danish Pig Academy

GreenFarm - Reduction of greenhouse gasses, simply and locally
GreenFarm™ is a pioneering concept for reducing greenhouse gases from agriculture

GreenFarm uses waste products from the agricultural production as valuable resources for energy production. The energy is produced and used locally on the farm and the residual product is an optimized fertilizer that is more easily absorbed by plants and thus reduces leaching of nutrients to the local aquatic environment.

The plant reduces the farm’s total greenhouse gas emissions on several parameters.

Agriculture is an essential emitter of greenhouse gas. Existing biogas plants can only, to a limited extent, help alleviate the climate impact caused by agriculture.

The GreenFarm™ carbon capture system collects and recovers greenhouse gas from farms. The system produces biogas based solely on slurry from one farm.

The collected biogas is used in gas engines to produce electrical power to the farm.

The heat from the electricity production is used in the process. The mechanical and electrical components are assembled in a technical cabin that is easily connected to new and existing tanks.

The residue from biogas production – the degassed biomass - can be used as valuable fertilizer for agricultural crops. This results in less odor nuisance and significantly fewer greenhouse gases are released when the biomass is spread in the fields.

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